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Historically mythic artifact, The Ark of The Covenant, is fabled to contain a direct gateway to the source of unlimited pure energy -the living force, or spiritual essence- as a divine reliquary of providence from our creator, the most high ‘GOD’. This supernatural machine resembles, in description, traits that could now be attributed to the contemporary legend of a zero-point energy generator: a perpetual motion machine. Although relegated to the status of absolute fiction and foolishness tantamount to professional scientific suicide (the tinfoil chic of crackpot quackery) by credible academia for the basic insurmountable fact that contradicting all known laws of quantum thermodynamics in the physical universe is a certain impossibility, it has none-the-less become the pursuit of to pursue such a challenge of irrational resolve. Simply, the fact that it is considered impossible makes its attainment that much more intriguing, particularly for the exploration and research of potential options with varying but all certain degrees of failure- underdog theories never pursued out of predetermined impracticality– thus fertile uncharted territories of theory for theory’s sake to further understand the notion of impossibility itself. The goal of realizing a perfected design also motivates this pursuit, the human fault of having instinctual hope and an unshakable need to impulsively pursue an established irrational goal out of entirely unprovable belief or ‘faith’ in the impossible. Risking the shallow fear of loosing reputability, I dare confess that because of certain ‘enlightened visions’ I believe It possible to achieve a moderate fabrication with a successful result based on my own unique approach to design applied as a version of this enigmatic device. By comparing the visions of dreams beheld since I was an infant with a cold rational knowledge of advanced geometry and intuitively inspired serendipitous realizations, I am convinced that a design has now become theoretically perfected that investing in taking the steps towards its fabrication are not only warranted, but now imminent.


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