2014 Update

General.la Studio is now reActivated for the remainder of the 2014 season! Our current focus is the complete establishment of our subsidiary design brand : STARCHITEQ STUDIO.  Starchiteq Design Studio is the design and architecture branch focus of umbrella brand GENERAL.LA.  Starchiteq is defined as a synthesis of three terms: Star- referencing the macrocosm of forces in perceivable power within the universe; Chi- representing the microcosmic forces with perceivable power in the universe; and, finally, Teq- referring to Technology, particularly a technology founded on both the consideration and practical integration of these two (macro/micro) dynamic scales.  A sample of initial Starchiteq-esque projects is viewable at http://www.Generalla.tumblr.com

 To briefly overview what General.la Studio has been up between late 2012 and now, mid 2014, lets just say that between living a long-overdue 12 month vacation provided by the gracious fortune of becoming independently wealthy, General.la has expanded into the Executive Production of A-List Hollywood Films.  Being given the tremendous opportunity of both EPing A-list productions, as well as learning the finer points of film-finance, General.la has expanded capacities into Executive Production as a stepping stone for eventually Producing a film entirely based on The General.la Aesthetic, and thus has encapsulated the expansive breadth and depth of designs and artworks produced between 1999 and 2014 into the aesthetic and design foundations of ‘The Ideal World’- simply a convergence of our existing social construct and built environment with the ‘dimension’ of and entire culture imagined and documented by General.la.  While General.la Studio remains the R&D studio for experimental and couture works of art and design, its subsidiary STARCHITEQ is the brand equivalent of a radical renaissance in human culture (re)design:  Be sure to look forward to 2015 as General.la:STARCHITEQ begins producing design technology, specifically defined now as: PHARAONIC REGALITY:REGALIA DECORUM.

“WE SHARPEN THE CUTTING EDGE” and look forward to creating THE FUTURE!


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